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Moyo unreliable, a dangerous manipulator

I HAVE never been interested in reading stories where Jonathan Moyo is involved, and I won’t bother any time of my life. The reason is simple: Moyo is a dangerous manipulator and extremely unreli


There is no need to dwell on his past – we all know what he has done in the past six years when he changed his colour overnight and became President Robert Mugabe’s loyalist.

Since he left Zanu PF, I don’t remember him giving any reason why he joined the party in the first place, and in all his interviews after leaving Zanu PF he has shown no intention of discussing it. He is now busy talking about his so-called third force.

Some will say the people of Tsholotsho trust him, but I don’t think they do. We all know that President Mugabe allegedly rigged the 2005 election, and he could have easily stolen the Tsholotsho seat as well if he had wanted to, but to try and legitimise the polls, Mugabe decided to fix the Tsholotsho constituency in favour of Moyo.

Otherwise I fail to understand how on earth Moyo won in Tsholotsho. Moyo knows that as well. Just look at the way he conducts himself: he still respects Mugabe and he believes all those laws like the Public Order and Security Act (Posa) and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) are good, which is obscene.

This whole thing of a third force, as I see it, has Zanu PF written all over it. It’s something being pushed by Zanu PF to try and destroy the opposition MDC and the ruling party is using Moyo.

We should by now know that Zanu PF does not need anyone to vote for it – it can win any election by just rigging. So this so-called third force will only benefit Zanu PF, but even if the ruling party is not involved, nobody in their right senses can support a hypocrite like Moyo.

A third party or force will never work in Zimbabwe under the current situation where we have laws like Posa and Aippa. In fact, credit should be given to Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC party for surviving in demanding and dangerous political conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe.

Some media and those of us who live in the diaspora are busy saying Tsvangirai has failed the people of Zimbabwe because we think he is not a good leader. But, as far as I’m concerned, nobody can do a better job than Tsvangirai under the conditions we all know exist in Zimbabwe.

Moyo and those who are barking at Tsvangirai can go ahead and form their third force thing and see what they can archive.

The other thing people must remember is that the reasons why Zanu PF and PF Zapu succeeded in the liberation war was because Zimbabweans were willing to die for what they believed belongs to them. Unfortunately we don’t want Mugabe, yet we are also not willing to stand up and challenge him. That is not Tsvangirai’s fault, it’s our own, we are cowards.

Mugabe did not himself hold the gun and fight during the liberation struggle and neither did Joshua Nkomo do that, but ordinary people did fight for them. So why do we think that Tsvangirai must walk in front of us whenever he calls for mass action? That is a lot of rubbish coming from people who are selfish.

I also believe that the conditions were not the same during those times of colonialism. Mugabe went to prison and came out with more degrees, and his life intact. Can we imagine Tsvangirai spending even two months in prison and coming out still alive? That is impossible under this regime.



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