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It was just but a dream

I HAD a dream. I was floating above Africa Unity Square. Riot police were gathered outside parliament.

I could see all 160 city blocks from Robert Mugabe Road to

Herbert Chitepo Avenue, from Rotten Row to Seventh Street.

On every corner I saw two people. Every 20 metres there were another two.

There must have been thousands of people. Each pair was looking in different directions, at the next pairs to their east and west, then at the next pairs to their north and south.

One man lifted his arm and waved and the pairs to left and right, in front and back did the same. The signal passed like a Mexican wave as the pairs began to walk steadily north.

Sitting on my magic carpet above Africa Unity Square, it was like looking down on a loosely-woven carpet of human beings. When the police charged towards one pair of people, the two people split up and ran away.

When the police had gone, the two came together again and carried on walking steadily north, waving to the pairs to the north and south, east and west.

The pairs of people kept their distance, making sure there were never three people together. The police got tired. Where were all the people going, as the police gave up? I don’t know.

I woke up. It was just a dream.

Movers & shakers,


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