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Is Kingdom branch on autopilot?

I WOULD like to express my disappointment at the way I was served at Kingdom Bank’s First Street branch.

On October 6, I went to that branch intending to make a d

eposit on behalf of a friend. Inside the branch there was total confusion as there were only three tellers on the counter. The queue was long and there was no separate queue for deposits.

While I was pondering on why the queue was not moving, an elderly gentleman, presumably the commissionaire, was moving round advising clients that the system was down. I appreciated his level of maturity in handling the chaotic situation.

But the question is: where was the management of the branch? Is the branch on autopilot? Some form of apology from management would have been appreciated.

After waiting for close to an hour, I decided to abandon the queue and drove to the Cripps Road branch where I was served by a very cheerful young lady who managed to cool down my temper and made me feel wanted. I urge the young girl to keep up the good work.

Kingdom, this is a wake-up call. Change your way of doing things.



* We thank you for your letter and appreciate the spirit in which you share your experiences.

On behalf of Kingdom Bank, I apologise for the inconvenience you suffered as a result of temporary system failure, which occurred on October 5. The system challenges were temporary and the staff issues have since been rectified.

The compliments you made on our Graniteside branch and staff are appreciated and, as a result of your feedback, the team has been commended, internally, for their service focus.

Farai Mpofu,

Marketing & PR director,

Kingdom Financial Holdings.

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