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Help Moyo with long rope

COMMENTS by Anyway Mutetwa on your Feedback page last week seem to suggest that he wants everyone to become barbaric or stupid like poor Jonathan Moyo.

The fact that Moyo was, and perhaps still is, devious

in his treatment of others doesn’t mean the editor of the Zimbabwe Independent and his reporters have to behave like the former minister of propaganda did during his years of ultra-madness in the front seat of Robert Mugabe’s gravy train.

In pursuit of journalism principles of objectivity, fairness and balance, it is right in order for the Independent to give space to Moyo and allow him to either make sense or expose his stupidity for everyone to see. I really don’t believe there is a reasonable number of people who will accept Moyo as a leader of Zimbabwe even if he permanently takes over a whole page in each and every newspaper in the country.

Yes, he did a lot of destruction to the journalism fraternity in the country but as surely as some of us were, he is now his own fallen hero, a nonentity if you ask me. It is therefore necessary for newspapers such as the Independent to continue giving him coverage so that his continuing plunge into political oblivion is well chronicled.

Moyo is cruel, overzealous and vindictive but he certainly deserves better from others for him to get his long rope!

Don’t worry Mutetwa, that guy called Jonathan Moyo had his time and it’s over. Following him soon will be his former godfather called Robert Mugabe. That’s the way tyrants go and end.

Itai Dzamara,


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