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Gono has no hope in hell

READING the Herald the other day the headline screamed “Gono lifts Zimbabwe’s hopes”. Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono does not have a hope in hell as long as we have an arrogant lot who continue to have their heads in the sand.

align=justify>We need to restore law and order first. No investors including the “friendly East” would be mad enough to come to Zimbabwe.

No farmer, banker, judge, doctor, journalist, nurse or lawyer who has left the country is daft enough to come back to this shambles.

Deputy Information minister Bright Matonga should know why farmers would not come back. He has just invaded a farm ready for harvest. What does this say for this discredited lot?

You do all the work, get the loans and when it’s all ready to pick just get the hell off. I will benefit. And I don’t give a damn, so say the chefs.

Another Zanu PF MP, Saviour Kasukuwere, was also on TV ranting that Africa is for Africans; it should never be ruled by a European (white). I honestly thought it didn’t matter what colour you are. But if you are born on that continent/country that is who you are — Asian, American, Australian etc. This cheap politicking was addressed at children and the illiterate rural folk.

Some ministers have been benefiting from “buying” forex at official rates and then selling it on the parallel market.

Why can’t Gono be honest and point his finger directly at the ministers, MPs and their spouses? Maybe Gono doesn’t have what it takes to be a real man. In any case, why should he? He could be benefiting also.

Pam Shelton,


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