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God won’t intervene at the behest of Zanu PF

I AM a firm believer in the power of prayer, but when this is convened at the behest of Zanu PF and its renegades within the Christian church, I don’t believe God will intervene to pacify their evil agenda.

justify>I am also certain that such endeavours now or in the future will have no positive consequence for our long-suffering people.

Based on recent press reports, it seems Zimbabweans forced to attend this fiasco have no clue on the sort of favours Zanu PF is seeking from God.

In their plethora of lies and deception, Zanu PF is resorting to the religious card to dupe our people.

It is sad that certain elements in the Christian church are complicitly upholding the current status quo created by Zanu PF’s bad human rights record.

Perhaps Zanu PF is attempting to emulate our previous colonial masters. When they descended on us a century ago, they brought with them their bibles, told our people to turn their cheek and in the process forcefully took our land and raped us of our culture.

Isn’t this history repeating itself 100 years later, but this time being waged by our so-called liberators — Zanu PF.

God bless our people who deserve better leaders than those found in Zanu PF.

Nazir Lunat,

California, USA.

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