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End nigh for Zanu PF

IT is with a sad heart that I have been watching Zanu PF’s antics. There is no doubt that when the ruling party has to resort to the looting of its own citizens, its end is not far off.

A competent and wise leadership is ab

le to unify all the peoples under its jurisdiction and get them all pulling in the same direction to develop the nation and make it prosper. Right from the start the nation has been divided along racial lines, tribal lines, political lines and economic lines.

The entire nation is now so fragmented that it does not seem possible that it can ever be reunited with one heart again. Just to get all the skilled labour that has fled the country over the years back again will be almost impossible.

The saddest part is that the crackdown on the informal business is brought about because the government coffers are starting to run dry. I am sure that this crackdown will collect some foreign exchange, but it will only be a one-off event.

Once the vendors and other people or businesses have been plundered that will be the last. They will no longer have the ability to make any more because they have been plundered and all their working capital lost. Instead of just being poor they will join the rest of the country in destitution.

After all, the Zimbabwe dollar no longer has any value which is why the ruling party is doing everything it can to get another country’s currency that still works.

If the ruling party had wisdom they would know that their coffers have run dry, not because the informal sector has taken all the money, but because they have destroyed their own tax base. They all wanted to be big rich businessmen on the side so they used their positions and office to loot the country’s industries.

In effect, they have looted the country to destruction. They broke their own tax base and now no longer have the tax revenue with which to sustain a governmental infrastructure.

Having the biggest fist only works so far. You can use it to scare people and force them to your will. You can use the biggest fist to destroy all your opponents or drive the masses this way and that.

But the biggest fist cannot build, it can only break or terrorise. To use the biggest fist takes money. After all it is the army and police or other thugs that have to swing it. Not only do they expect to get paid for beating up their fellow countrymen but they will expect other privileges as well. When the money stops flowing they will stop swinging.

It is going to take at least an entire generation to build the country’s economy back up to what it was before Independence, so we can all expect the ruling party to get more and more violent in its efforts to screw hard currency out of the masses. Unfortunately the masses will just not have it as the means with which to generate it will not be there any longer.

Why should the masses work their butts off if they are not going to get any reward for their labour and if all that they have worked for gets swept away in a looting spree?

What the ruling party has never had the wisdom to realise is that the government is not the nation. The masses are what make the nation. The government is only there because of the masses that form the nation.

Tony Hawkins,


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