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Chinese farmers clueless

RECENTLY I drove to Mazvikadei Dam, situated just north of Banket. To my horror, vast tracks of once wooded lands had been stumped clean by Chinese atop bulldozers.

f”>Why this entire bush-clearing while acres upon acres of cleared land remain unused? The latter being after all the very best lands, once upon a time farmed commercially and denied to the people.

Through your paper, I ask the following questions:

* If no diesel is available to plough and harvest liberated land, why are we allowing the use of this precious liquid to open more unnecessary land?

* If no diesel is available to ferry coal from Hwange for tobacco curing, why are the Chinese burning all these thousands of stumped trees of many years? One of these stumped trees would suffice a Zimbabwean family a whole week to cook its food.

* If previously farmers chose not to cultivate these areas, could it be that they had deemed these soils not desirable to culture?

* Having undermined our country’s commercial traders, are these very Chinese now going to be left to do the same to our agricultural sector?

* Could both the relevant ministers of Agriculture and Environment please enlighten the nation on this costly and unnecessary destruction?

Pointing Fingers,


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