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Bloch, better fight emperors

IT would seem that Eric Bloch has recently discovered ancient fables. First there was “the ant and the grasshopper”, and now “the emperor with no clothes”.

One ca

n think of a number of “emperors” in Zimbabwe – and an even greater number of courtiers who sing their praises.

There are, for example, the courtiers who for long have sung the praises of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor and believed that he was winning the fight against inflation. There are many others who have pretended that there is substance to the “economic turnaround” strategies.

Among the most gullible of the courtiers would appear to be certain economic analysts and most so-called “captains of industry and commerce”. They are themselves as naked as the “emperors” whose praises they sycophantically sing.

In Zimbabwe there are many innocent children who know the truth – whatever analysts and others who should know better may repeat ad nauseam. These “innocent children” are the vast majority of ordinary struggling Zimbabweans.

They know that only when all the “emperors” have gone will there be the possibility of an economic turnaround and a chance of a return to normality.

Bloch would do well to cease wasting endless column inches on telling Zimbabwe’s “emperors” what needs to be done to revive the economy: re-engaging the international community, re-establishing the rule of law, establishing an investment -conducive environment, fighting corruption and reducing wasteful government expenditure.

How many times has he used his column to state the obvious in terms of advising the naked emperors about what needs to be done?

Bloch’s time would be better spent on joining the struggle to remove these emperors from their gilded thrones. Or is he too comfortable in his role as their adviser?

RES Cook,


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