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A very frightening week

I WAS very much and still am very much against Operation Murambatsvina. It was callous and inhumane.

The United Nations special envoy Anna Tibaijuka’s report on the clean-up operation was very precise and true. I liked thi

s recommendation more than any other:

“The government of Zimbabwe should set a good example and adhere to the rule of law before it can credibly ask its citizens to do the same. Operation Restore Order breached both national and international human rights law provisions guiding evictions, thereby precipitating a humanitarian crisis . . .”

However, I am worried about Tibaijuka’s implied encouragement for slums. I hope she is not encouraging an eruption of slums in the style of those in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. It will be retrogressive!

Then there was the monetary policy review last week. Our governor, as he fancies to call himself, implores people to use bikes. I hope he is not talking about boda-bodas as those in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria.

I am sure no one wants to be sacrificed for the inefficiency of the current regime, and then resort to bicycles instead of cars.

The two issues made my week very frightening!

Baba Muchadura,


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