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Why I listen to Magora

ABOUT Denford Magora, who features regularly in your paper, there are good reasons why I have decided to pay attention to this man.

I remember he was the first to

call our attention to the shortcomings of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). He was abused in your pages by some of the very people who have now realised that the MDC is wasting people’s time, waiting for a miracle to liberate the suffering majority of our country. I dare say he has been proved right.

I also remember how Magora expertly disassembled the elections in Kenya in your paper. He correctly observed that the new Kenyan government was no better than the old one. He predicted that the people of Kenya had shortchanged themselves. Look what is happening now.

I am now very worried about civic organisations and the opposition MDC, who have set their dogs on him yet again. Are these people really after democracy or just power?

How different are they from President Robert Mugabe, who brooks no criticism and believes he is always right? He shuts out dissenting voices from the state media and prefers cheap propaganda.

Civil society as well as the opposition seem to want to operate the same way as Mugabe. Why else would they want Magora to shut up?

Animal Farm anyone? Which is the regime and which is the opposition?

Keep up the good work, good sir.

Eric Cadwood,


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