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Why Chombo should keep Sekesai at Town House

ALLOW me to congratulate Local Government minister Ignatious Chombo for extending Sekesai Makwavarara’s tenure as Harare acting mayor.

Makwavarara defected

from the MDC — a puppet party — according to President Mugabe, so she has to be rewarded handsomely.

Harare is the best run city in Africa, Minister Chombo. Makwavarara should thus keep her job even for life. After her, we can then appoint her daughter or maid because good brains seem to flow in her family.

There are no potholes in Harare, no raw sewage flowing in the streets, water cuts are a thing of the past, no single street light is out of order and the housing waiting list is reduced, thanks to Operation Garikai.

And more importantly, her shrewd thinking led to Operation Murambatsvina which we all know was such a huge success that London and New York are contemplating following suit.

Residents’ water bills are always correct to the last cent. There are no street kids and vagrants in Harare and vendors sell their wares without harassment.

Enough money is there to procure water purifying chemicals and Harare has an abundant fleet of refuse collection trucks and ambulance crews that respond to calls within five minutes on average.

Harare council clinics are stocked with sufficient drugs and personnel while the municipal police are so efficient that they have become the envy of the FBI and Interpol.

The council’s books are audited annually and all council projects are well ahead of schedule and above all, our mayor is not greedy; she never bought that new vehicle, it was all rumour. In fact, she goes to work by either a commuter omnibus or freedom train.

Yes, Minister Chombo, Makwavarara deserves another term because of her good work.

She produced a turnaround programme for Harare in minutes, a feat Misheck Shoko of Chitungwiza failed to accomplish.

Misheck Kagurabadza “ruined” Mutare while Japhet Ndabeni Ncube “lied” about people dying of hunger in Bulawayo, so why not reward Makwavarara?

Harare does not deserve to elect another mayor as she is the best for the job — the best-ever Harare has had!

You were right minister to fire Shoko for going to Victoria Falls for a strategic seminar whilst Makwavarara was so shrewd to blow US$27 000 on a jaunt to Moscow to see and learn about Moscow. Now that’s what we call leadership. Little wonder why Shoko had to go. That was good thinking minister.

Makwavarara has Harare at heart, she has had countless meetings and consultations with residents over her two-year tenure.

Even in Chegutu, Executive Mayor Francis Dhlakama had to go. Why he never thought of going to Moscow is another mystery.

Makwavarara is always there when residents need her. She has an open-door policy, compared to all other mayors.

Please make Commissioner Makwavarara Life Mayor. In fact, she needs to go to Moscow every two weeks because Harare is now better than Johannesburg and Cape Town ever since she returned from her trip.

Long live Minister Chombo, Long live Commissioner Makwavarara!

Gorge Time,


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