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Trudy, you can do better

I WISH to comment on an article that appeared in the Independent (October 28) by Trudy Stevenson “MDC: straw that broke the camel’s back”.

I have always regarded

Stevenson as a hardworking and serious-intentioned MP. However, the views she advanced for the MDC participation in the senate election are unconvincing and disappointing.

For a start, she herself admits that these elections won’t make a difference to the problems and struggles Zimbabweans are faced with. The elections were never planned. That they are being held at all is a result of one of those whims of a president who has lost direction and is living in utopia with no idea of how much suffering he is causing to the people.

Stevenson goes on to say: “The taxpayers’ money will still be squandered but on Zanu FP rather than MDC.” In other words, her only concern is that the MDC should also share the spoils of an uncaring regime.

She further states that the “MDC was born to contest power” and I agree with her, but that should not imply that it should pander to the selfish whims of Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

In other words, does Stevenson imply that if the unpredictable Mugabe decides to have an election every month, the MDC should participate just because the party was born to contest power irrespective of the very flawed electoral process and the fact that the country is in a mess economically?

Come on Trudy, you can do better than that.

Another Gogo,


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