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This Morning’s interview exposes sanctions fallacy

I WAS amazed by an interview that appeared on ZTV’s This Morning on Wednesday conducted by Gilbert Nyambabvu with the out-going Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Kristina Svensson.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>It was really a revelation.

He asked the out-going ambassador what she had done to alleviate the plight of the suffering Zimbabweans, considering that her country (and other EU members) was the main “cause” because of their sanctions against the country.

The ambassador replied by explaining to him that the “sanctions” were targeted at senior government and ruling party officials only, and not the country and its citizens (the very same thing US Ambassador Christopher Dell said a while ago), and thus had no effect on the economy.

Considering the outcry made by the government, Zanu PF and the state media over Dell’s comments, this was a chance in a life-time for them to prove to the whole country, once and for all, that the EU and their counterparts are responsible for the economic meltdown this country finds itself in.

Nevertheless, what does the unfortunate Nyambabvu do?

He stammers, stutters and does not even bother to counter the statement — obviously knowing fully well that she was telling the truth, and there was nothing he could say to dispute that fact. And he did not.

Thank you Nyambabvu and ZTV for the revelation. I hope that puts the flimsy excuse of sanctions being responsible for our poverty to rest forever.

You had your chance to prove your claims and messed up pretty good.

The government, ruling party, the state media and the Mahosos should now tell us who REALLY is responsible for Zimbabwe’s demise.

If these jokers had a solid case, why are they so afraid of confronting their adversaries face-to-face on national television, for example, on National Agenda — instead of spewing empty vitriol everywhere?

Are they afraid of doing another Nyambabvu?

Bongani Ndlovu,


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