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There’s more to senate than meets the eye

WE have always suspected that Zanu PF could not deal with its leadership succession issue successfully without the involvement of stage-managed rebels at some point in the struggle, and slowly events are vindicating us.

It is as clear as the September sky, as Morgan Tsvangirai would put it, that the senate is being established as part of a broad Zanu PF strategy to deal with its internal succession puzzle. Many Zimbabweans, championed by the MDC leader, have exposed some intentions of the senate.

Now below the surface there is a more possible scenario to Zanu PF Machiavellian tactics than meets the eye. Zanu PF clearly knows that it will be a mountain to climb to face a united MDC after the ignominious exit of President Robert Mugabe.

Thus it is possible that there is a heinous plan to lure MDC members in the senate and then later on abuse them into the Zanu PF post-Mugabe succession puzzle. Zanu PF would be more comfortable to plant its own disguised members to contest on an MDC ticket and at a later stage have them defect and parrot Zanu PF succession strategy on silly grounds such as national interest.

It must also be noted that the bulk of activists who are above 40 in Zimbabwe have at one time flirted with Zanu PF institutions and still maintain some kind of links, holy or unholy. Given this scenario it will become easier for the likes of Joice Mujuru, John Nkomo and Emmerson Mnangagwa to strike dangerous concessions at senatorial level that will impact negatively on Zimbabwean aspirations and the very existence of the MDC.

Thus the leader of the MDC should be commended for articulating a clear position against the poll. It is a virtue for modern democratic leaders to be dynamic lest they risk being extinct like the dinosaur. The nation cannot be held to ransom by a decision that was made in March. If it was correct in March, it’s incorrect now.

To also support this scenario is Zanu PF’s desperate attempt to lure the MDC into this evil machination. Mugabe when addressing the central committee unwittingly (age could be catching up) congratulated the MDC for hinting at participation in the poll. If politics is about the game of retention of power as Zanu PF understands it then Mugabe should have been applauding the MDC for hinting at a boycott since it would ensure that Zanu PF amasses all senate seats on offer.

There is arguably more to it than meets the eye. Why invite the MDC to the cake? What is the politics behind it? Does this really need a rocket scientist? Are some officials already at an advanced stage in this Machiavellian game?

It remains commendable for the MDC leader to continuously show exceptional leadership in this regard as a gifted visionary. In as much as consultation is a key tenet of democracy, it must be noted that the MDC leader was democratically elected by the party’s congress and thus mandated to provide guidance to the party.

If the MDC collapses – which it shall if it decides to participate in the senatorial polls – Tsvangirai will be held accountable by the people of Zimbabwe and all those who are blindly following in this game would either be extinct or in bed with Zanu PF.

There is really a difference between providing leadership and dictatorship and it is folly to confuse the two, and in this case Tsvangirai is merely providing wise leadership. Tsvangirai has always shown exceptional and unrivalled quality in consultation and it is very sad when some people abuse this virtue.

The MDC will be totally eclipsed if it decides to partake in this poll and the onus is upon the people of Zimbabwe to rally behind the MDC leader and shun those with hidden and parochial agendas not meant to enhance democracy. The problem is that some are already preparing long spoons to dine with the devil and the majority cannot afford such long spoons.

Civil society must reinforce its September 17 resolution to advise all political parties to boycott the senate poll. Politics can be defined as “who gets what when and how”. Apply it to this scenario: is it a Zanu PF game alone?

Phillan Zamchiya,


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