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Story offends Nyambuya

WE draw your attention to the lead story in the Zimbabwe Independent issue of July 15-21 which reads “MPs revolt over fuel”. The Ministry of Information and Publicity, acting on the request from the Ministry of Energy and Power Developmen

t, would like to make a formal complaint that your story misrepresents facts and has lies and fabrications.

You falsely claim that “Zanu PF MPs staged a revolt over the worsening fuel crisis during a heated parliamentary caucus”. It is not true that “the meeting angrily rejected Energy and Power Development minister Mike Nyambuya’s explanations, saying they showed government had no solution to the drawn-out crisis” as you claim.

You also lie that MPs brushed aside the business of the day and zeroed in on the fuel crisis and that they were “fiercely lashing out at ministers for remaining clueless as the crisis deepens”.

You quote an unnamed source saying “Nyambuya literally threw his hands in the air in despair” and that he (Nyambuya) came up with “several ineffective and pathetic suggestions”, which is not true.

Had you dared to report the truth, your research would have told you that the Zanu PF caucus meeting resulted from an invitation from the Speaker of Parliament to Members of Parliament to brief on how they relate to various government programmes currently underway. Among the presenters was retired Lieutenant General Mike Nyambuya who briefed the meeting on the current fuel shortage.

There was not a single objection to what Nyambuya said on addressing the fuel shortages and after his presentation there was applause from the audience.

Your article is not only a misrepresentation of facts, but a deliberate attempt to demean the minister and to paint a poor picture of government’s handling of the fuel shortage.

Anywhere Mutambudzi,

For Information and Publicity secretary.

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