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Stop the rot

IT’S unfortunate the crisis in Zimbabwe cricket has been reduced to a racial war that is fast achieving the obvious: death of the sport.

While the Peter Chingoka-

led Zimbabwe Cricket board certainly has a lot to answer for about the way the game has been run of late, it would be myopic not to look at the mean agendas of some protagonists in the war.

The most disappointing man is Macsood Ebrahim – not surprisingly central in all the disputes that have rocked cricket – who last year fought tooth and nail to defend the Zimbabwe Cricket rebranding exercise. Why today he is questioning the exercise he championed only exposes hypocrisy bent on perpetuating egoistic agendas.

It’s also ironic he took part in most of the board decisions he now finds offensive or abnormal.

It’s sad that some guys, whose only interest is power, are hiding behind genuine grievances to settle scores.

It’s disgusting for anyone to use the race card when the best option in the interest of cricket is to talk like men. Stop the rot now!

Ryan Corkey,


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