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Nothing for MDC to negotiate with Mugabe

YOUR article “Chance to pluck Zimbabwe from mess” last week refers.

One of Zimbabwe’s biggest problems today is the apparent paralysis of the opposition. What is

astounding is the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s continued attempts to get President Robert Mugabe around the table to negotiate some kind of outcome or a new constitution.

One minute the MDC is rightfully saying that it will no longer talk to South Africa because South Africa is partisan and has become part of the problem. The next minute we see Morgan Tsvangirai having a sudden meeting with Thabo Mbeki.

As usual, after the meeting, the statement issued by Tsvangirai to the effect that South Africa had changed its stance is repudiated by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, South Africa’s Foreign minister.

It’s all deja vu when it comes to South Africa. When is the MDC going to understand that the South African government unconditionally supports Zanu PF? It has said as much.

When is the MDC going to get it into their heads that Mugabe will never negotiate? He has everything to lose and too much to answer for.

Negotiation means defeat for Mugabe and anyone with half a brain should realise this.

When is the MDC going to realise that there are certain basic fundamentals of civilised behaviour that are not negotiable in any decent, civilised, democratic society?

You cannot negotiate any middle ground on the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of movement, vote rigging, intimidation, corruption, bad governance or the destruction of people’s homes, livelihoods and businesses. There is nothing to negotiate.

Why does the MDC wish to negotiate with anyone who has fundamentally destroyed this country’s future prosperity and caused such long-term damage and distress to the people of this country?

Why does the MDC wish to negotiate with a regime that is giving away, at bargain basement prices, some of Zimbabwe’s crown jewels to alien dictatorships?

It’s time for the MDC to tell the people of Zimbabwe that Mugabe has no place in any negotiated settlement or any place in the construction of a roadmap for a future Zimbabwe. How can he be involved in talks about the future of our country when he is personally responsible for so much damage?

His only place is to negotiate a plea bargain for himself and his accomplices and a move into exile, preferably to his friends in the East.

The people of Zimbabwe demand this and they demand strong talk – not platitudes, not pathetic union-style demands or silence. Zimbabweans want justice and they want it now.

It’s no longer a question of business as usual. It’s not time for parliamentary debates. It’s time to do what is right and just for the people of Zimbabwe. It’s time to lead from the front and street level, not from head offices.

It’s time for tough talk, tough decisions and tough action. More of the same is no longer an option. It’s time to account and take responsibility.

If the MDC does not have the mettle to do this, it should tell Zimbabwe now so that Zimbabweans can decide the next move. There is no time to waste and no time to turn back.



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