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My soul is not for sale

IT has been brought to my attention that some misguided MDC members are moving around Harare North telling lies about me, specifically:

* that I have been paid by

Zanu PF to support participation in the senate elections; and

* that I received money from President Thabo Mbeki in South Africa to support participation in order to legitimise President Robert Mugabe.

Anyone who believes such blatant lies needs their head examined, in my view. People who know me will know for certain that I would never accept money from Zanu PF for anything whatsoever.

Indeed, if anyone from whatever background offers me money for favours, they will discover I am one of the most fiercely resistant people against bribery and corruption. Try it and see! That is how you sell your soul – and my soul is not for sale.

The allegation about Mbeki is so ludicrous that it does not merit any answer. I will however be sending this information on to his office.

The person or persons behind this defamatory whisper campaign need to be exposed for what they are – Zanu PF clones. To stoop so low as to indulge in slander in order to promote the “no to senate” campaign is disgusting, in my view, and I do not wish to be associated with any such person or campaign.

It is pertinent to note that the allegation about “yes to participation” members being paid by Zanu PF was made at a rally in Silobela last weekend. It is also pertinent to note that my personal position concerning participation has never been made public.

That I publicise the apparently unfashionable side of the argument I will accept. Which side I personally support has not been stated at any public forum, but I have always stated the position of my district very clearly – they are against participation.

On a related matter, some of these same people – who call themselves MDC members but obviously do not respect our party principles and values – are also moving around with letters supposedly signed by Morgan Tsvangirai and Harare province secretary Last Maengahama, raising funds ostensibly for a youth choir.

I advise members of the public to be very wary of such fundraising efforts.

Trudy Stevenson,

Harare North MP.

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