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Mutambara’s political maturity, sensitivity impressive

PRESIDENT of the pro-senate MDC faction, Professor Arthur Mutambara is a very sensitive man. From the tone of his message of condolence to the Tsvangirai family on the death of Sekuru Dzingirai Chibwe Tsvangirai, father of Morgan, leader of the anti-sen

ate MDC faction, he sounded very touched by the death of Mr Tsvangirai senior.

He praised the deceased for having nurtured Morgan to become the national symbol of hope in our struggle for democracy and freedom against Robert Mugabe.

This was a very mature statement to say the least. I also noticed that Mutambara and his faction are the only group that issued a positive press statement on the death of Mr Tsvangirai senior. Even Tsvangirai’s faction did not issue a statement and we do not know why?

Tsvangirai must appreciate that he is now a national figure and a national asset.

Whatever happens in his personal life or in his family is of national significance and the nation has the right to be informed about it.

Mutambara must be congratulated for displaying a mature approach to national issues.

May the soul of Sekuru Chibwe rest in eternal peace.

Zivai Vusimbe,


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