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MultiChoice: never talk about customer service

IN one of your editions in June you wrote about the monopoly in the newsprint industry which I fully agreed with. In reality the question that begs an answer is: what do monopolies do with our money?

erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I write today about the monopoly in the pay TV arena – MultiChoice to be precise.

I was disconnected for late payment of my DStv subscription on or around June 14. After payment on June 17, I was advised by “Charlene” at their call centre to complete a reconnection form at their Kensington offices without which I would be disconnected again.

On June 18 at 10am, a member of my family duly went to Kensington to do this and that is when one man called Sam at the desk went berserk. He wanted to know why we were wasting “their” time completing the form when the account had been reconnected already?

MultiChoice would not deal with the whole family but only one as we were causing confusion in their system. She was basically told off in spite of protesting about the treatment.

I wrote about this to Dave Emberton (general manager) and copied to Kirsty Brien (marketing manager) on June 20 – letters which were hand-delivered and to date, I have not had a response. After all, who am I?

I am nobody, a small cog in a very big wheel. I do not pay for service, I pay and they do me a favour. I obviously do not contribute to their substantial salaries, but am a nuisance to be ignored.

Maybe my payment goes towards the purchase of their light bulbs of the zhing-zhong variety which last them two weeks. In fact, my real wish is that MultiChoice uses my subscription to buy a zhing-zhong first-aid kit whose contents must be administered first to the general manager and marketing manager in that order.

If senior management in a company cannot be bothered to respond to customer complaints, what more of lower-level staff like Sam, manning the desk at Kensington? MultiChoice should never again open their mouths to talk about customer service or do supplements on how great they are in magazines, as they often do.

This lack of service is reflective of the fact that it is not only government not offering service, private companies have merrily joined the party, in particular monopolies like MultiChoice. I am disgusted.

Account 34583333,


*Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this subscriber’s letter to the Zimbabwe Independent.

We apologise if our subscriber has not yet received the response to his/her original letter of complaint. The response, written by MultiChoice Zimbabwe’s operations manager Dave Emberton and posted on July 23, reads as follows:

“We do apologise for the incident. We assure you that we do not take such incidents lightly. The contents have been noted and the letter passed on to our senior customer services manager and the Kensington manager for investigation.

“We would apologise for the embarrassment you have endured and advise that strict disciplinary measures are taken against staff who do not follow procedures.

“Our staff undertakes continuous training in customer service exercises and we again apologise for errant staff. A full investigation will be carried out involving our human resources department.”

Kirsty Brien,

Marketing & PR manager,

MultiChoice Zimbabwe.

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