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Magora, don’t despair

I CANNOT understand what the problem people have with Denford Magora is. Your two correspondents last week also fail to say what their problem with him is.

My fri

ends and me read Magora regularly and we agree that he has very strong opinions. This is not bad. What is puzzling us is that your two correspondents seem to be saying that Magora should not criticise even when the criticism is justified.

Reading through their letters, I expected to find reasons why they think that Magora should not point out the shortcomings of politicians and civil society in Zimbabwe.

Politicians and those in the civil society were not forced to fight for our rights. They put themselves forward as people who had the ideas, passion and strategies to unseat the tyrant Robert Mugabe. When they did this, they made themselves public figures.

Magora is a member of the public with as much right as any Zimbabwean to question why these “saviours” of ours have failed to make a dent in Zanu PF over the last six years.

Interestingly, your correspondents do not deny Magora’s criticism. Is this because they know in their hearts that the criticism is true?

They are just saying he should have kept quiet. Whose interests would have been protected by Magora failing to point out that civil society and the opposition have lost the plot? Not ours, that is for sure.

Magora must continue writing whatever he wants. I beg him to continue telling it as it is. No one is forced to read his articles. They can all just flip the page.

But they read him because the man has a forceful and irresistible way of putting the truth across.

Long live Denford Magora! Long live the fearless Independent.

Loveness Mukuti,


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