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How we wish we had a Mandela of our own

ZIMBABWEANS in the diaspora wish to congratulate the hero of Africa, Nelson Mandela, on his 87th birthday and to Graca we congratulate you on your seventh anniversary carrying Father Africa’s sandles.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Congratulations to South Africa, for you have a hero who genuinely fought for your liberation and would still do the same if your country came under siege again. We wish you many more Baba – you have set a very good precedent in Africa.

We also thought we were going to have a Mandela in Zimbabwe. A Mandela we would have wished many more, but unfortunately we have a monster, a barbarian who destroys his own people’s homes, one who kills and tortures his own countrymen. Ours has set the worst example though others like Idi Amin had set a bad precedent which no one should have ever emulated.

South Africa, please guard your independence jealously, for if you don’t, it will easily slip.

Jay Jay Sibanda,

United Kingdom.

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