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Fort Hare scholarship students face starvation

THE students on the Presidential Scholarship at Fort Hare University are facing starvation. They were promised their allowances in mid-September but up to this point they have not received a cent.

ana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The university is seemingly having problems issuing out the money for the 600-plus students at one go. As early as the beginning of September some of the students had exhausted their money for meals and were already waiting for their living and book allowances. The majority are now surviving on borrowed money from peers who are not on the scholarship or are on part-time jobs on campus.

The minister who directs the scholarship, Chris Mushohwe, seems angry with the students’ bad behaviour which has seen the majority of female students aborting pregnancies, some as many as three, and drunken behaviour by male students.

Saul Muchineuta,


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