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Five years on, Chihuri ‘clueless’

WITHIN four days of the London subway and bus bombing disaster the Metropolitan Police had established the identities of the perpetrators and traced them back to their homes in Leeds. A suspect was subsequently arrested in Cairo.

More than five years after the bombing incident at the Daily News offices in April 2000 and the total destruction of the paper’s printing press nine months later, police investigators in Harare remain clueless, or so they claim, as to who was responsible.

In the case of the factory bombing, registration details of the vehicle used by the attackers were supplied to the police. This vital clue has, surprisingly, failed to facilitate the unravelling of the case.

Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri should hang his head in shame in the wake of the successes scored by his counterparts after the London explosions.

Former Information minister Jonathan Moyo and the late war veteran leader, Chenjerai Hunzvi, issued dire threats against the Daily News a few days before its press was bombed. They were never taken in for questioning, as would be expected in a normal criminal investigation.

If Hunzvi was still alive he would, no doubt, still be climbing up the political ladder within Zanu PF. Moyo is now attempting to do just that outside the realm of Zanu PF.

After the efforts of the paper’s detractors to silence it through sporadic arrests, threats of death and bomb blasts failed, Moyo accomplished this seemingly impossible feat through enactment of the infamous Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Except for their president, Zimbabweans are famous for their tolerance and forgiveness. They have also become notorious for their poor memory. As a result, the era after Independence has witnessed the emergence of some politicians and bureaucrats of dubious credentials and questionable performance.

A major task that faces whoever takes over from President Robert Mugabe is the complete overhaul of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in order to turn it into a non-partisan and more professional and efficient force.

Geoffrey Nyarota,



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