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Fight within MDC has turned too personal

THE fight between the two MDC factions over participation in the forthcoming senatorial election is no longer over principles. The fight has just turned too personal, much to the marvel of Zanu PF, which is enjoying the mudslinging by peo

ple who should be fighting for entrenchment of democratic values in Zimbabwe.

We have read in the state media about factions belonging to the so-called “academics” and the so-called “trade unionists” and we thought it was all propaganda but it seems that the truth is out for all to see.

We have Job Sikhala calling the party president a “goblin” and saying “mai vako” to whoever wants to remove him from the party. Those words are not words of principle but words of anger and dislike to a person who should be your leader.

On the other hand, we hear of Isaac Matongo accusing the pro-senate camp of trying to “murder” the party president during Morgan Tsvangirai’s treason trial last year. This is not entirely true because Tsvangirai himself was careless in putting trust in everybody he met and claimed to believe in his vision and that of the MDC.

Paul Themba Nyathi has also been very ruthless in his statements. Since the beginning of the problems facing the MDC, this man has been sending the most inflammatory statements of the two camps. He forgets he is the party’s spokesman and equates Tsvangirai to the state president in being a “dictator”.

He doesn’t even see that he is also behaving no better than Jonathan Moyo, who left a legacy of splashing reckless inflammatory statements when he was Minister of Information. He should learn to forgive and Tsvangirai of all people is mortal and also makes mistakes.

Nyathi should be more diplomatic in his statements as this can save his political life.

When the senate elections are over and if the two factions iron out their differences, cleansing time won’t spare these lesser officials. Tsvangirai needs Ncube and Sibanda the same way Ncube and Sibanda need Tsvangirai for a more focused MDC.

The truth is that Tsvangirai flouted the party constitution and will not win the case in any fair court of law. He should be able to swallow his pride and say he erred when he vetoed the MDC national council decision on October 12. He should have engaged his colleagues and tried to convince them about not going into the senatorial elections.

Now we hear Tsvangirai wants to change the party constitution to suit himself. Instead of changing the constitution to give himself “more powers” he should give the people power by going back to the grassroots if leaders are in a stalemate.

He argues that senatorial elections are a waste of money and a senate is worthless in the current Zimbabwean set-up. Then the question is: why is he going around convincing MDC supporters only not to participate in the senatorial elections and leaving out Zanu PF supporters?

On the other hand, the Ncube faction has the constitution on their side but are they certain that they have the people at heart? They too should have put on hold personal glory and asked themselves whether they were supposed to go ahead and campaign for senate seats after “winning” the national council vote or they should have gone back to the people on the way forward.

Is it because Tsvangirai is too “dull” to believe in the people’s support? The Ncube faction may be full of educated people but they alienate themselves from the people by thinking that they are too educated. They forget that Zanu PF and PF Zapu won the liberation struggle by having managed to pull the masses to their side.

Can’t they learn from Abel Muzorewa’s demise? He lost it because he thought people fancy intelligent ideas like ministerial posts for blacks without total independence.

No, people want real politics that will deliver them from the abject poverty they are in today. They can only be liberated through politics and not the constitution.

Yes a constitution is important but it should serve the people and not the leaders’ interests only. Eddison Zvobgo said about the 1987 amended constitution that “the same document can be executed in 70 different ways”.

Even the MDC constitution must please the people and protect the people and not the leaders. So before they became too bigheaded about a legal document and isolating senatorial elections to a few districts of the country, this faction should have sought a national mandate for participation or risk turning the MDC into a district party like Zanu (Ndonga) and Egypt Dzinemunenzva’s African National Party.

Stop washing your dirty linen in public!



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