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Columnist nauseating

THIS is an open letter to your columnist, Denford Magora, in specific reference to his “Zim civil society guilty by omission” contribution.

lvetica, sans-serif”>My simple question to Magora is: where was he when his party was foisting, to borrow his words, “the most seismic social engineering experiment” on the nation?

Magora falls in the usual frame of purported opinion leaders who are busy scapegoating for Zanu PF by groping around for people to blame rather than lay the blame where it squarely belongs – on the people who are ruling, or rather ruining this country.

In fact what I find most nauseating about your columnist is that he always finds somebody to blame for the ills besetting the country, and never realises that if he had any more mettle he would not be the perennial armchair critic with dubious political credentials that he is.

Finally, Mr Editor, I think you run the risk of alienating your discerning readership if you continue subjecting us to the usual predictable gibberish spewed by vainly masked Zanu PF apologists who claim to know it all.

Remember, if we want to read CIO-spiked articles we know where to go.

N Busu,


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