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Batoka Gorge should come first

YOU rightly conclude that our wish list of infrastuctural projects on the drawing board are beyond our means whilst we are a pariah state “Yet another ruse by failed politicians”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 16).


when we are able to proceed in tackling our serious shortage of electricity generation, I trust that we will not fall into the trap of expanding generation capacity at Kariba before building Batoka Gorge upstream because this is a “cheaper” option.

Batoka Gorge will first allow us to run Kariba and Batoka conjunctively to best advantage. Batoka as a “run of river” hydroelectric dam will generate base load power while Kariba can store water for peak power generation.

Extra generating capacity at Kariba will be sensible to handle peak demand decisively. Incidentally, Cabora Bassa similarly should also be run conjunctively with Kariba (and Batoka when built).

Chris Molam,


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