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Village idiot’ approach

ALLOW me to quote from Eric Bloch’s column in your paper dated July 14. He quotes secretary for Industry and International Trade Christian Katsande as saying:”For example, there is no good reason to increase on old stock of clothes, furni

ture, electrical gadgets and other foodstuffs that are already on the shelves.”

Bloch went on to chide Katsande about increasing operating costs and so on. However, the crux of the matter is that these “old goods” must be sold at a price that will enable the purchase of new stock, as well as at a profit needed to operate the business.

It is precisely this “village idiot” approach to economic problems that has put the country where it is.

Katsande should consult with some of his cabinet colleagues because this principle applies just as much to bottle stores and tuckshops, with which they are no doubt more familiar. Katsande has demonstrated that he obviously has no clue at all as to how a business works.



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