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This is violation and rape

AS a British citizen living in South Africa, I am about as apolitical as is possible and like many other “world citizens”, I merely try to maintain a balanced and even attitude towards life. I believe that all are created equal and deserv

e equal opportunity to enjoy this brief life on earth.

I read a lot and consider all viewpoints as having a certain genuine content regardless of motivation.

I read most of the Zimbabwe dailies and weeklies online and balance these with the opinions of those I meet who experience these events firsthand.

I cry deep down inside when I come to a conclusion on this state of affairs. President Robert Mugabe: this is beyond being a black and white issue.

This is the violation and rape of what was once a beautiful country and its people.

On three occasions I have sat at the bedside of terminally ill people and among other emotions was overtaken by a sense of helplessness and a frustrating feeling of powerlessness to input even slightly towards relieving the pain and suffering.

Zimbabwe, I pray for you in your final days and hours and can only hope that there is a God who is compassionate and forgiving who can understand why any one individual or group of people can wish to bring such misery to so many.

Anwar Bindukuru-Maj,

South Africa.

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