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The price of patronage

SOME time ago I pointed out that President Robert Mugabe controls the entire nation through a web of corruption and patronage. Now the case of Pearson Mbalekwa shows this all too clearly. He was stripped of all “his” assets almost instant

ly when he dared to oppose “Operation Destroy Everything” and then subsequently resigned from government.

How can anyone even pretend that the rule of law exists when the majority of the judiciary, the police force, army and airforce are beneficiaries of this patronage? They know full well, even if others do not realise it, that they dare not take any action or express any opinion that contradicts that of their puppet master.

This web of patronage and corruption penetrates all sections of society like the tentacles of a deadly fungus. When we gain our freedom this web of evil must be destroyed root and branch. It will be impossible to move forward as a modern functioning country until this has been done.

I pray that the succeeding government realises this and does not attempt to replace one web of patronage with another, for we have seen how this corruption has destroyed almost every African country.

All right-thinking people realise that Mugabe’s days are numbered and that when he goes Zanu PF will collapse. When that time comes, they too will be stripped of their unearned assets.

All beneficiaries of patronage are held in bondage far more severe than any American slave; they dare not even think their own thoughts or express their own opinions. They can only mumble and repeat the jumbled ramblings of their slave master. And slave master he is, make no mistake.

I hope that many more will follow Mbalekwa and resign from the rural party, but when they resign they should transfer “their” farms back to their rightful owners. Not only will this give commercial agriculture a chance of revival, it will also serve to demonstrate that they are not mere thugs and thieves like their erstwhile colleagues.

Slowly but surely the net is closing in on the illegal regime and it is high time that those associated with it think about their future, and the future of the country. Sometimes it is necessary to show moral courage in order to secure one’s future. I believe that for many, that time is now.



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