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Spare us Magora’s relentless claptrap

I THINK I represent a good percentage of your readers when I ask for a reprieve from Denford Magora’s criticism of civil society and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

sans-serif”>This guy used to contribute sense, at least to me, until sometime last year when the MDC was considering whether or not to participate in the March parliamentary elections this year. Since then, nothing coherent and sensible has come out of him.

Magora has constantly – courtesy of the Zimbabwe Independent – gone into a tirade accusing the MDC and civil society at large of ineptitude, lack of direction and anything his pen can write.

Surprisingly, I am still to hear from him the practicable panacea to our numerous dilemmas and catastrophes bedevilling this nation of cowards. All he does is to blame, blame and curse.

Why can’t he start his own political party which shall formulate and implement the master plans which shall defeat Zanu PF’s propaganda machinery, electoral thefts, corruption, beatings and murders, laws promulgated to subvert the will of the people and in the process perpetuating their hegemony. This party would definitely extricate this nation from the grip of this old man who is getting unwise with age instead of vice-versa.

May I ask Magora: how many people have been murdered, raped, arrested, beaten, tortured, disappeared, died mysterious deaths, wrongly incarcerated, had their homes burnt and had their homes and properties seized simply because they were MDC members or supporters?

And their sin being to demand not their constitutional rights – because the constitution is so warped that it has become the single most dangerous weapon President Robert Mugabe wields to suppress and oppress the populace – but their God-given rights.

How many court challenges have come before Mugabe’s judiciary filed by the opposition and civil society in the quest for freedom?

Magora, I’m tired of your fantasies. To my fellow countrymen, the press, civil society, the opposition and some members of Zanu PF now is the time for us to seriously consider standing up and be counted. Simple decisions by simple people can move a nation.

Let’s stop these weekly appearances in newspaper columns and editorial space writing fiction scripts for Zollywood. Live solutions guys!

When we are all ready the thing to do guys is to stop going to work and refuse to be employed to fill the gap of the protestors. This is not anything new of course, only that it has been half-done before.

If we all strike for a week Bob will pack and go. If he doesn’t we must then continue for another week and then another until he gives in. I guarantee you gentlemen that the guy will leave.

I can hear someone saying I am mad because the economy would collapse. That’s right! We would have fast-tracked, on behalf of Bob and company their intentions for this country. We then start afresh after he is gone. Are we not after all going to start afresh?

Your Honour, Morgan Tsvangirai, and the civil society at large, you have done a sterling job for this country’s citizens at great risk. Unfortunately it seems as if the people you are fighting for are not yet ready for freedom.

Magora, my man, go back to the drawing board or do us a favour and enjoy those perks in silence.

A Stalin,


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