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Shut up and seek guidance, Coltart!

THE Bulawayo South legislator, David Coltart, has actually been lying when he said he was a neutral party in the MDC split saga.

Coltart belongs to the pro-senate MDC faction led by Arthur Mutambara.

He wa

s being hypocritical by pretending to be neutral. I have been closely following and analysing his comments about the situation prevailing in the MDC, and concluded that he was biased and sympathetic towards the Mutambara faction.

From his comments in which he has labelled the Tsvangirai-led MDC violent and dictatorial, one did not need to be a rocket scientist or professor of robotics to tell which side of the fence Coltart belonged to, or what he was trying to achieve.

Coltart has continued to use the pro-senate propaganda that the anti-senate faction is violent and dictatorial. Since he assumed his role of self-appointed referee, I have not heard him speak ill about the Mutambara faction.

We have heard about the ills in the pro-senate faction only from those who have abandoned it, and not from those claiming to be neutral like Coltart.

Coltart, like the rest in the Mutambara faction, is refusing to accept the reality that the Tsvangirai-led faction has the majority of MDC supporters in Zimbabwe and abroad.

The pro-senate faction under-
plays the large support the Tsvangirai faction has from its full-house rallies as irrelevant. In fact, they have attempted to liken this support to the rented crowds we witness at Zanu PF rallies.

This is an insult to the intelligence of the majority of supporters as it is an approval of the anti-senate’s position regarding the senatorial election and the overall conduct of the faction since the split.

The people following Tsvangirai are no fools and they know what they want. They have their democratic right to choose which faction to back.

Coltart should keep quiet and stop seeing himself as the most reasonable voice in the MDC.

He should go back to his constituency and seek guidance regarding the position to take in this MDC split from his constituents.

Sir Tapera,


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