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Senate is permanent

I HAVE been erroneously reported in several issues of your paper to have said that the new senate is a temporary institution to last from 2005 to 2010.

At no time

during my submissions to the politburo and central committee of Zanu PF and during my second reading speech did I ever refer to the senate as a temporary institution.

As far as government is concerned, the senate is to become a permanent institution on our democratic landscape. What I stated to be temporary, a fact which is incorporated in the the provisions of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment Act (No 17), is the bunching of House of Assembly constituencies to make up senatorial constituencies. Because government wanted to set up the senate with some expedition, it resorted to the bunching of House of Assembly constituencies to make senatorial constituencies. Senatorial constituencies, with effect from 2010, will be demarcated in terms of a delimitation exercise to be carried out prior to 2010.

I trust that this will set the record straight and the erroneous information will not be repeated in future editions of your paper.

PA Chinamasa,

Minister of Justice, Legal

and Parliamentary Affairs.

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