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Rubbish is right before Mugabe

OPERATION Murambatsvina is just another one of President Robert Mugabe’s systematic attacks on helpless people and he will only try to fool the world again.


who have been evicted from farmland they were given by the same government have been told that their settlements were disorderly. Well, it was very orderly just before the March 2000 election when they mobilised the so-called war veterans to seize white-owned farms. These have been the worst hard-hit by this current operation.

Surprisingly enough it is not made known that there are some settlements that have been deemed to be orderly – those that are occupied by high-powered government officials. None of these have had any demolitions and it’s astonishing that there are some with court orders to protect themselves from demolition.

Did the white commercial farmers not have court orders to protect them from eviction and why were those not enforced as effectively as these ones now? Probably the United Nations envoy who was in Zimbabwe will have answers to this after her visit.

It is against this background that Zimbabweans without a voice to speak out are saying to Mugabe: actually the rubbish we need to be driving out is your corruption-plagued government.

Besides being made homeless, the people of Zimbabwe are suffering from disease, mainly HIV and Aids. There is a looming food shortage even though we remember well Mugabe boasting that “we are choking” with food.

The health and education systems have been plundered as posts for teachers and nurses have to be filled by militia from his youth camps. Just short of economic collapse, Zimbabwe’s inflation has been hovering above 130% since January and highly optimistic forecasts to bring it down have had to be revised.

For someone who seems to know very little about order and managing his own affairs it is astonishing how Mugabe has now turned on his people and called them rubbish before taking a look at himself first. He allegedly has an endless list of crimes that might include the well-covered-up massacre of people in Matabeleland in the 1980s, vote-rigging in recent elections and now destroying private property.


United Kingdom.

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