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Punish Moyo, isolate him

PLEASE, you must give us a break. Why is it that your paper continues to give Jonathan Moyo space?

Moyo is the very guy who created all those laws that are making

it so dangerous to work as a journalist in Zimbabwe. Moyo must be punished, possibly through isolation.

Continuing to give this guy a platform to tell us how he would wish to see the back of President Robert Mugabe is nonsensical to me. Moyo fully participated in propping up the image of Mugabe for five years and it is mindboggling to think you guys are even prepared to give him a whole page to write his stuff in your paper.

I know that in a democracy people have the right to freedom of expression and all that but remember Moyo worked tirelessly to destroy this very freedom. Why should we give Moyo the other cheek to slap us?

Just think about this.

Anyway Mutetwa,


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