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No one is more foolish

THERE is the old and acceptable saying: there is no better fertiliser than the master’s footprint in the middle of his field.

serif”>So here you are honourable ministers, police chiefs, senior judges, bank managers, privileged comrades and the likes. Two years ago you took on the task and responsibility to produce food for this nation. Yes, comrades, you did so when you were seen taking up these liberated farms.

Sadly some of you today remain under the illusion that you are able to do both jobs. Could it be that you now find yourselves under pressure to be seen succeeding at doing both jobs simultaneously? In other words, reporting daily to your various duties around the city and be on these farms at the same time.

Who are you fooling? Unfortunately, no one other than yourselves. The results – or lack of – speak for themselves.

The time has now come to question yourselves: who will be blamed at the end of all this madness, now that the finger-pointing has started?

“No one is more foolish than the one who fools him or herself.”


Pointing Fingers,


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