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Murambatsvina leaves more filthy than before

WITH the economy in its current dire state and with so many citizens lacking food or accommodation, the subject of rubbish collection may seem trivial, but the repercussions may not be.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>It is ironic that the government’s campaign, “Throw Out The Rubbish” (Operation Murambatsvina), has resulted in exactly that. Everywhere I walk or cycle I see and smell mountains of discarded rubbish.

We have had no collection for weeks, yet are still billed each month for a service that is not provided. We are told that council has no fuel; thousands of litres of diesel must have been used to accomplish “Murambatsvina”.

Many residents in our area have resorted to flinging their bags of waste into the dry stream near the bottom of Marlborough Drive. In some rainy seasons this stream has come over the road; with its course blocked by litter, it could inundate the surrounding properties and the road this season, further destroying what remains of the very potholed Marlborough Drive.

We have heard that we may dump rubbish six or seven kilometres away at Pomona Quarry – we hope free of charge – but the logistics of taking dozens of huge bags, by bicycle, are beyond us.



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