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Let’s rename our Zim

OUR dear country Zimbabwe is in a mess and a solution is needed. Some don’t see it that way and others actually don’t believe it.

One cannot, with a clear conscie

nce, attribute all the problems to the current government. Problems have always been there, maybe at different scales.

My strong proposition is: let’s reinvent everything and start afresh. Whatever the case, I believe there has to be a sweeping transformation of a lot of things in Zimbabwe. Of the two areas to start with, the first one is ongoing and the second is priority number-one.

* Change of mindset – the first thing is to transform the way we think and behave as individuals. If you are a Christian meditate on scriptures that will transform your whole life. If you have other convictions, think and talk positively and act accordingly.

* Name changes – the late Nelson Mawema named this country Zimbabwe (a ruined city). Zimbabwe is a corrupted version of Dzimbahwe, which others could not pronounce properly.

Lately, Zimbabwe Ruins has been sanitised to Zimbabwe Monuments. Monuments are fine if considered historically.

What we need now is a brighter future. Reading all available history books – whether accurate or not – including my own personal experiences from 1965 to date, our country has never enjoyed real peace and prosperity. Peace and prosperity is possible, it’s not a utopia.

My proposals would be to change the name of our country from Zimbabwe to Platinum (or any credible alternatives) and to reduce the number of administrative provinces from 10 to seven.

Re-demarcate and re-brand them all the provinces using the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) water catchment model – that is change them to Mazoe, Manyame, Sanyati, Save, Gwayi Mzingwane and Runde.

Do away with Masvingo (ruined city), Manicaland and so on. Please look at these Zinwa boundaries on its catchment map. It’s so magnificent.

Alfred Mathema,

South Africa.

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