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Kawondera accident: an eyewitness account

I AM a keen reader of your paper but I was rather taken aback by one of your reports headed “Kawondera critically injures man in accident”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 16), by Enock Muchinjo.

While the fact that Kawondera

did indeed injure the young man on the said day, the report had so many inaccuracies that set me thinking; if a renowned paper like this could print so many untruths in just one small article, are we to believe anything else that it carries?

I happened to be present when the incident occurred. In fact, I was less than 10 metres away when the whole drama unfolded.

* First, the incident occurred in the morning, around 8am not 8pm;

* The incident did not occur at a nightclub but at a bottle store (paGwekwete, Unit L to be exact);

* Kawondera was never beaten up. He actually ferried the injured young man to hospital;

* The whole Unit L complex comprising bottle stores and nightclubs (even supermarkets) do not employ security guards, and where the alleged security guards who rescued Kawondera came from is a mystery;

* What I know is that supermarkets at the complex only employ shop attendants who check for reciepts. If this is what Muchinjo calls security guards then we need to give a definition of what a security guard really is;

* Kawondera did not take off at high speed. I even wonder myself how he could have failed to stop the car in time. It was obvious Kawondera was drunk. It took him more than 30 minutes to find where he had placed his car keys;

* The young man did not jump onto the bonnet. He was actually sitting on the bonnet. When the car started moving, he actually shouted in joy, shaking his green bottle in celebration. I don’t know whether in his inebriated state Kawondera saw the guy or not. When he applied his brakes after going for less than 10 metres, the guy fell off. It beats me how and why he failed to stop because the distance between where the car started moving (opposite Gwekwete) and where the guy fell off (opposite Katanga) is so short that one could not have taken off at high speed without crashing into something. The place is literally littered with cars parked there overnight and it was teeming with shoppers at that time of the day. You could double check this yourselves.

I pray that the young man recovers, and that Kawondera learns a thing from this incident.



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