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Gono has achieved results

THE criticism of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono by your paper is just amazing. Articles seem so strongly against the latest monetary policy measures, yet most stakeholders, particularly the exporters, who generate the much-

needed foreign currency, have welcomed these.

I personally think that Gono’s latest monetary policy statement shows boldness and determination on the part of the central bank to see a better Zimbabwe.

What is truly remarkable is that Gono managed to get political support to introduce such groundbreaking reforms as the Tradable Foreign Currency Balances System.

Clearly, Gono has been able to achieve results where many others who were in the same shoes could not. Therefore, contrary to your article entitled “Failure becomes Gono’s only option”, written by Shakeman Mugari, I strongly believe that the governor has the capacity and character to succeed.

For example, once the exchange rate stabilises and money supply growth is contained under the latest anti-inflation programmes, then economic stability would be within reach. Indeed such progress could take time, but I am confident that it is a very possible outcome.

Since monetary policy does not operate in isolation, I implore other key stakeholders such as government, labour, industry and farmers to play their part in fulfilling economic turnaround initiatives.

I have confidence in Gono’s ability and I think he deserves support through constructive criticism from media organisations such as yourselves. It should not be up to Gono alone, but each of us must contribute to a better Zimbabwe.

Lovemore Takayendesa,


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