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Genius needed to assist govt

IT will take a genius to correct the government because most of them are doctors, PhDs, well-read people who hold titles on paper, but lack common sense to know right from wrong.

ica, sans-serif”>The Chinese are a hard working, patriotic, selfish people, who are just out to grow crops which they will in turn sell and send the money to their mother country. If not, they will supply their market with the food grown in this country. It is the Chinese who have become the new colonial master (and by the way they are not Zimbabweans). The white commercial farmers were Zimbabweans that is why they were bringing their monies back to their mother country. It does not take a politician to tell us that.

The majority of skilled manpower that was driven out of Zimbabwe by Zanu PF’s greed, corruption and selfishness is now in the diaspora, paying taxes and making it in foreign lands.These same people if they left the country voluntarily would have been able to sustain this country by repratriating all their monies back home, just like the Indians, Chinese, Filipinos do. But the so-called kings of this country think that they can with the help of the Chinese, turn this economy around.

Personally I have sold all I owned in Zimbabwe. Even if the Zimbabwe dollar has an exchange rate of US$1:$3 million, I will not waste my money to change it at even that, because it’s the same old greedy people who are wanting the foreign currency to fly around the world looking good, whilst the population is starving.

Look at the North Koreans, the way they portray their country as if everything is glorious, whilst people are dying of hunger. That is the same way our leaders commandeer planes to go shopping whilst people are wallowing in poverty. The thing I like and love about life is there is a just God who is watching, and remember that what goes around comes around.

At least I have done my service to remind the powers that be that the writing is on the wall, you have failed with these grades in the following subjects related to running a country as a leader and as a party:

Agriculture: U

Economics: U

Transport management: U

Public relations: U

Human resources: U

Dressing: B

Travelling: A+

Policy making: E

Accounting: E

I wish all Zimbabweans the best and look forward to doing business in the United States. I hope that things will turn around for you in Zimbabwe and I do not regret leaving this country, which was my home for many years. I hope to write again in the near future, but with these last few words, keep hoping for a better tomorrow, with better leadership and a responsible government.

I will continue to pray for Zimbabwe.

God bless you all.

Praying parent,


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