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Exciting part omitted

YOUR letters editor made many changes to my letter “Enlightened on MDC rift, thanks to Coltart”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 9).

What he chose to exclude was interesting. More disturbing was that the

entire final paragraph was excluded. This could only lead your readers to believe that I condone MDC violence. I do not.

Although you chose to exclude the entire final paragraph which made some criticism of the independent press, I would be obliged if you could restore the last sentence. It read: “If Morgan Tsvangirai has finally succumbed and now chosen to respond to violence with violence, one cannot wholly blame him after all that the party has endured. But he is not the leader we want.”

It is my belief that the majority of Zimbabweans want a peaceful, democratic society with a government chosen by them at properly constituted elections.

They do not want to be intimidated by violence, whoever instigates that violence. They do not want to be led by violent people who feel that coercion is the only way to seize and control power. And they do not want a government chosen for them by South Africa or the European Union.



Editor replies: Letters are sometimes cut to fit.

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