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Digital edition delayed

THE delivery of the digital edition of your newspaper via NewsStand has been slow for the past few weeks.

In fact, for two weeks (August 26 and September 2) there

was no delivery of the newspaper, and my attempts to get an explanation from your marketing department yielded no response.

NewsStand wrote me an e-mail explaining that the problem emanated from the publishers. There was an apology on your website advising readers that there were some technical problems with the delivery of the digital edition.

Subscribers were advised to read the online edition of the Zimbabwe Independent instead, but I found this a bit unfair because the online edition, even with the daily updates, is, needless to say, not quite the same as the digital version. The digital version allows the reader to browse all sections of the paper in his own time, and we also see the adverts and faces of the newsmakers.

Above all, as it resembles the hard copy, the digital edition creates a vivid picture of our beautiful country, and for those among us who started reading the Zimbabwe Independent almost every Friday since its inception in the 90s, the digital version invokes memories that are beyond description. You will be amazed how some seemingly small things mean so much for those who live thousands of miles away from their beloved ones.

Although I have lost two weeks’ issues, this inquiry is not about seeking restitution, but an assurance that the service will be improved in future.

Hudson Taivo,


* The digital paper was suspended for those two weeks because of technical problems which were beyond our control. To overcome this, we had to reschedule the publication of the e-paper.

Instead of uploading it on Thursday evening as we used to do, we now do so on Friday morning. However, there are advanced plans to return to the previous arrangement before the end of the year.

We regret any inconvenience caused. – Editor.

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