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Bad as it is, Mugabe rules by the constitution

IT is interesting to note that the MDC leaders who are opposing Morgan Tsvangirai’s boycott of the forthcoming senate election only have the party’s constitution as their defence.

tica, sans-serif”>Let me remind them that even President Robert Mugabe is ruling the country according to the constitution.

To me the important thing is what the people of Zimbabwe who are MDC supporters want. Instead of them talking about the MDC constitution, they should be reminded that when a constitution goes against the wishes of the majority, then it is a bad constitution. Democracy is about the wishes of the majority – not the top six, not the council or the politburo!

So to Welshman Ncube, Gibson Sibanda, Gift Chimanikire and Paul Themba Nyathi, the challenge for you is to prove that the majority of the MDC supporters, not the council, prefer participation in the senatorial election.

Tsvangirai would be a dictator if the Ncube faction proves that the majority of the MDC supporters prefer participation in the senatorial election, otherwise it is the Ncube faction that would be full of dictators hiding behind the MDC constitution.

Is the Ncube faction hiding behind the constitution to avoid going back to the people? I did not hear of any consultations with the people of Zimbabwe when the Bill was brought to parliament or when Mugabe talked of re-introducing the senate. Or were they afraid of what they might find out?

Are they afraid to admit that Zanu PF has once again outmanouvred them?

From the day the Bill was first read in parliament, the MDC should have had a counter strategy because it was obvious that it was going to be law given the majority of Zanu PF MPs in parliament.

There is only one way to end the infighting in MDC. Go back to the people whom you claim to represent. Or else you are breeding dictators who hide behind constitutions and ignore the people they claim to represent.

It is also interesting to read Jonathan Moyo’s article claiming the MDC lacks ideology and that it should have won the 2000 elections to survive! Is he not the one credited with Zanu PF’s survival in those elections where he used the constitutional referendum to identify “rebel” constituencies and then use the rogue elements of the war veterans and green bombers to bludgeon them into submission?

And what is Moyo’s party’s ideology apart from attempting to ride on the wave of people’s discontent? A party cannot claim to be sticking to an ideology without addressing the people’s immediate concerns.

Max Chata,


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