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Allow rebels to thrive

I REFER to the front-page story “MDC banishes rebels”, (Zimbabwe Independent, December 2).

The word “rebel” is value-laden, indicating that anyone in that categor

y does not accept the general trend of the group. Classically, in the modern global village, teenagers are rebels, rebelling against the old-fashioned, stuffy culture of their parents and teachers.

This is a pointer to the positive side of rebellion. It challenges the status quo and asserts the power of the challengers as being equal to, or greater than those challenged: youth versus old-age, growth versus decay.

In the MDC, the word “rebel” is used to refer to any member of the non-sycophant group: any member who challenges the status quo within the party. It would be wise for the sycophants to study history and understand that any status quo which remains unchallenged will die.

Look at all the lost civilisations and languages of the world which could not, or would not adapt to changing circumstances.

Let rebels in both parties – ruling party and the opposition – continue to challenge the mummification of their party.

Perhaps then our nation will be able to shake off the rigor mortis paralysing us right now, and we will be able to move forward, at last!

Long live rebels!

Tawanda Matasa,


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