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Would Ncube fare any better?

IF you were Welshman Ncube, wouldn’t you now be questioning the wisdom of giving away leadership of the pro-senate MDC faction to Arthur Mutambara?

Ncube unquestionably deferred his “rightful” status to Mutambara simply because he comes from a minority t

ribe (the Ndebele).

Strictly speaking, he is just an amahole. If he had become president of the faction, would the tag of “tribal party” have stuck as he feared even though there are scores of Shonas in his party?

If he had become president, would they not have done better at elections because Ncube is well-known among the grassroots unlike Mutambara?

Did the learned professor err on a point of reason, or was that party simply doomed from  October 12 2005 whichever leader it was going to get?

Is Ncube always going to be pondering about what might have been?

Nyasha Ngulube,

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