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Why the noise if Chinotimba loathes the West?

SO Joseph Chinotimba feels so aggrieved for being targeted by the Americans as persona non-grata that he fumes and palpitates like a bully in a schoolyard who has met his match.

If Zimbabwe is so great that he has vowed never ever to leave the country, why the noise?

So amazing is the hypocrisy of these pseudo leaders who on the one hand try to portray themselves as Western-haters when in actual fact they long to come here.

Can Chinotimba explain why all African dictators go to Western hospitals for treatment?

Why are they fighting to get their kids into Western schools? How does this sound to him: a place where gasoline is cheaper than water, where one leaves his house unlocked without fear of some individual raiding it, where one’s kids get quality education and health care as a right, not as a luxury?

Prince George,

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