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Why is govt mum on SA spy saga?

IT never ceases to amaze me why our government is so desperate.

Here is a spy working for the South African government, for obviously anti-Zimbabwe reasons. He is

caught, arrested, but subsequently released at the request of the South African government.

Meanwhile, his Zimbabwean accomplices are still behind bars, and with obviously no hope of an early release.

South Africa’s Intelligence minister even comes to fetch him, not to have him incarcerated in his home country, but to continue his work – spying.

Our own Intelligence minister is even at hand to see him off – all smiles, and probably wishing him many more years of spying.

The state media is actually delighted that the South African government has said that relations between the two countries will not be strained as a result of the arrest. Gosh!

Who was aggrieved here, South Africa or Zimbabwe?

Is it for the South African government to determine the future of the two countries’ relations because of this spying incident?

Is the Zimbabwean government so desperate for friends that they apologise even if they are the ones slapped in the face?

It is like apologising to the man you have caught in bed with your wife!

Today we are crying because of the so-called machinations of the West who, a few years ago, were our best buddies.

We never criticised them for anything, but even vigorously embraced their economic policies, such as Esap which rendered thousands of Zimbabweans jobless and destitute. Years later when relations go sour, the government starts recalling the West’s “evils” of the 1990s.

Are we to expect the same as regards South Africa?

The government even had to wait until the Western governments severed relations with Zimbabwe before speaking out.

A few years later when relations have soured, the government will start recalling how in 2005, the South African government sent spies to Zimbabwe, and how that government infiltrated and tried to destroy this country.

Why not speak out now? Is our government full of wimps?

Bongani Ndlovu,


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