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Who is to blame next?

SOME observers speculate what and who the regime will blame next for the never-ending national disaster that is clearly of their own making. They are running short of new blame-passing apportionments.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Previously targeted scapegoats have been seen to be British Prime Minister Tony Blair, US President George W Bush, the European Union, economic sanctions that have never existed, various economic saboteurs, commodity hoarders and alleged non-delivery on the Lancaster House settlement.

The wicked terms of Esap as conspired by the depraved International Monetary Fund, fabricated eternal droughts, loathsome destabilising conspirator ex-Rhodesians, sponsors of re-colonisation, sell-outs, white racists, imperialists and others who owe no allegiance to the “self-serving pillaging and destructive patriotic heroes” have also been scapegoats.

In fact, as per Zanu PF hallucination and doctrine, everyone else but themselves is to blame for the demise of the nation.

Meanwhile they are still satisfied that their purses remain full from their natural looting skills as have matured from the grabbing of others’ assets.

The only people who even half-believe Zanu PF’s claptrap are party supporters who probably are habitual criminals, intellectually challenged, or who are willing patronised conscripts riding on the now expiring state-enabled gravy train.

Zanu PF cadres may have some difficulty in understanding that most nations of the emerged world are devoid of the problems that typical Zimbabweans have to endure. Elsewhere people actually have hope and enjoy life and its normal challenges and opportunities.

The main geriatric heroes have often suggested to the West and the IMF that they should go to hell. Now these same deadbeats are full of excuses and are on bended knees to avoid expulsion from this global body that they consistently vent hatred and contempt upon.

Perhaps this is their way of trying to escape from the U$300 million arrears interest debts over previously loaned capital of some US$4 billion that obviously will never be repaid or ever recovered. Where the disappeared and largely unaccounted for US$4 billion has gone is not visible to the typical Zimbabwean. Perhaps so far un-revealed holdings in friendly foreign bank accounts will later expose some historical truths.

The reality is that no one wants to colonise Zimbabwe nor does anyone want to inherit its accumulated debts. Zimbabwe is actually irrelevant to the global community. Perhaps only South African President Thabo Mbeki would want to integrate it as another province, but only after it is free to snatch.

The best guess so far for the next chapter of blame apportionment is that during the summer the cadres will claim that swarms of locusts and armyworms have imposed devastation upon the land.

Walter Hurley,


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